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Work on Surveying, Geodesy intelligence.

Our company has 14 facilities. We conduct different types of survey operations (exploration), including
high-quality and expeditious conduct of survey work. We conduct research for both investing-research
companies and companies-contractors.

Geodetic work (intelligence), topographic planning and other services provided by our firm
In accordance with the scope of the firm’s services, “GeoTotal” can be specified in the following
– The following scale: 1:500, 1:1000, 1:2000, 1:5000 – topographic planning and topographic plan
(utilities) of underground and above-ground structures.
– Updates of topographic planning.
– Topographical planning of each tree.
– Large-scale topographic plans (fundamental geo-based landscape project) Scale: 1:50, 1:100;
– Construction of geodetic networks and their subsequent implementation
Geodetic works in construction (surveying observation of construction)
– Engineering – geodesic investigation for construction (engineering-survey works for construction)
– Construction of supporting networks
– Geodetic support of construction work
– Work on the markup in the construction process (implementation of the project)
– Conducting surveys on the execution of Geodesy and documentation for the implementation of
We, in particular, carry out special land-surveying:
– The accuracy of surveying geometric parameters of buildings and other structures, a geodesic
examination (vertical check);
– Implementation of local surveying work (determination of land mass);
– Implementation of performance measurement of buildings and other structures, including the facade
and interior room;
– Other types of desired work on geodesy

Geodesic investigation, planning and other work
The company uses the most modern equipment and advanced technology. Surveying work and
exploration is conducted by qualified personnel.

“GeoTotal” offers implementation of survey work to the companies that deal with general firms and
contractors. In addition to survey work, we are ready to take on the full exercise of supervision over all
aspects of construction, the implementation of all the varieties of geodetic activities and exploration,
preparation of all necessary documentation. “GeoTotal” leads topographic planning during control
cards, preparation of the master-plan, vertical planning and implementation of landscape design.
After a land-surveying and other type of geodesic work is complete, results (in the form of a plan)
arepresented to the customer in a paper-based and/or electronic form. The scale of topographic
planning depends on the needs of the customer, his desires and requirements –it’s possible to develop
large and small-scale topographic plans.

Our company offers stable and affordable prices. You may compare “GeoTotal” and other surveying
companies – the price of all of our work is below the market value of these services.
– Customers do not need to buy expensive equipment and software
– Customers do not need to search for qualified personnel
– Customers do not need to test their skills at the cost of errors and their own losses
– Customers do not need to keep hired personnel in the absence of projects
– Customers do not need to pay for the processing of step-up ratio
– Customers can choose a convenient option for surveying services
– Better value for money
– Overall responsibility for the quality of surveying work
– Saving time and money
– We offer services toall customers
– The use of modern electronic and optical devices
– Reliability and punctuality
– Professional team