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About Us

"GeoTotal" Ltd. has been operating as “GSS” since 2006and was renamed into GeoTotal in 2009. Since its establishment, the company has gone through several stages of development and has followed a path of dynamic development. The technical base of the company is constantly improving, the scope of offered services is expanding, and the number of employees is increasing. The main core of the company's employees comprise of employees with higher education in geodesy. The average age of employees is 28. The young age of the employees, their energy, desire to grow within their professions is the strategic potential of the company. The company closely monitors the technical innovations and advanced technological novelties, effectively applying them in its operations. Use of land-surveying equipment of such an advanced Swiss companysuch as "Leica Geosystema AG", which is the leader in the production of modern geodetic techniques, became possible as a result of the successful implementation of this policy. Professional attitude to work, modern technology, respect for customers, the willingness to fix all of their problemscreate conditionsfora dynamicincrease of the customer base. We hold on to our reputation and good name- the responsible and agile partner - always ready to offer its customers the best solution.

Our Advantages

Customers do not need to buy expensive equipment and software
Customers do not need to search for qualified personnel
Customers do not need to test their skills at the cost of errors and their own losses
Customers do not need to keep hired personnel in the absence of projects
Customers do not need to pay for the processing of step-up ratio
Customers can choose a convenient option for surveying services
Better value for money
Overall responsibility for the quality of surveying work
Saving time and money
We offer services toall customers
The use of modern electronic and optical devices
Reliability and punctuality
Professional team